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Why Block Paving?

Block pavers are a common sight in residential areas as well as public spaces and commercial settings. This is because they offer a wide range of benefits, making them a consistently popular choice for paving and patios in Cambridge, Huntingdon and surrounds. As a dedicated paving company, we use quality materials and proper methods to ensure you can enjoy these advantages too:

Modern or Traditional – Whatever you have in mind for your new driveway, you can achieve with block pavers. With just a simple change in the type of block or pattern in which we lay it, we can drastically change the final appearance, achieving everything from classic to contemporary looks.

Durability – Pavers are very durable and hard-wearing. They are also resistant to frost as well as most chemicals, oils and salts.

Low Maintenance – Simple cleaning and weed maintenance every now and then will keep block paving looking its best.

Easy Repairs and Access – Individual blocks are easy to replace if they become damaged and allow for access to underground services with minimal disturbance, if this is ever necessary.

Versatility – Block pavers come in a range of colours and styles and we can use them to form different designs and shapes. This allows for complete customisation of your patio, driveway or path, ensuring it enhances the look of your home and meets your requirements.